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Iso Drink Multipower 735 grs Bottle

Iso Drink Multipower 735 grs Bottle
Price 12.90€

- It is the isotonic drink that every athlete should have in your workout or race. It provides a high mineral content, carbohydrates and sugars to replenish electrolytes we lose with sweat and effort. Its formula is based on simple carbohydrates easily digestible: Maltodextrin, dextrin and fructose. Your sodium intake helps the absorption of carbohydrates and is involved in proper muscle contraction, preventing cramps and ramps. It is a sports supplement high in Vitamin C and B1 and B5, also contains L-glutamine, an amino acid that deflates rich and BCAA muscle to protect your muscles in the over, plus L-Carnitine to convert fat into energy.
- Powdered isotonic drink. Approximately 21 bottle of 500 ml or 10.5 liters of prepared.

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