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Infisport Protein Bar 40 grs each

Infisport Protein Bar 40 grs each
Price 1.41€

INFISPORT Protein Bar is the first bar that contains a protein-based formulation of high biological value proteins, which are characterized by different rates of digestion and absorption and consecutive, this fact causes a release of amino acids occurs towards the bloodstream faster (it isolated whey protein concentrate, whey protein) and maintained over time (calcium caseinate, isolated soy protein, almond protein) which produces a continuous amino muscles input, this form favors muscle development.

Studied further provides a carbohydrate balance between rapid release (glucose syrup, sucrose) and slow (complex carbohydrates rice and oats), which prevent liver destruction of these amino acids, while providing quick energy to the body and sustained.

Polyunsaturated content cocoa almonds and fatty acids as well as energy, proven health benefits provided.

Vitamins B1 and B6 contained in its formulation are essential for the metabolic utilization of carbohydrates and proteins in INFISPORT Protein Bar.

Bar Weight: 40g

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